Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the warming packs last?

6-8 hours on average, though many users have said that they’ve lasted longer.

How hot do the warming packs get?

The average temperature of the warmers is 105 degrees, but they can reach higher temperatures.

Are the warming packs reusable?

The packs are meant to last you through a single day and to be disposed of at the end of the day. 

How environmentally friendly are the warmers?

All the ingredients in the warmers are environmentally friendly and natural. 

Please recycle the packaging on the outside though!

How does the warmer subscription work?

Each month your warming packs are shipped directly to your home for one low monthly price.

Can I skip a month on the subscription?

Yes! Just log in to your subscription account and click “Skip This Month” before the 1st of the month. You will not be charged for that month, but billing will resume on the next month. 

How do I cancel?

Cancelling is easy. Simply log in to your subscription account and click “Cancel My Subscription.”You must cancel before the 1st of the month or you will be charged for that month. 

We’ll miss you! 

How do I care for the belt?

The belt is machine washable. You can throw it in the wash with any load of laundry (machine wash-cold) and tumble dry on low. Just no ironing!