abby warner

Abby is from Salt Lake City, Utah.

She studies entrepreneurship, with a minor in international development at Brigham Young University.

She loves the outdoors, the sun, and of course WOMEN.

Abby has worn blue mascara every day since 7th grade. It’s a full look.

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taimi kennerley

Taimi grew up in Auckland, New Zealand but moved to the US before she could get her big break in Lord of The Rings. She enjoys solving big problems, and spreadsheets, local honey and DATA.

In her free time she bakes, obsesses over game theory, gets lost on the streets of South Africa (don’t tell her mom that last one), has existential crises and sometimes even sleeps.

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zoia ali

Zoia grew up in Dallas, Texas and her parents are originally from Pakistan.

She is passionate about social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial innovation, and female empowerment. She loves to dance, is obsessed (OBSESSED) with Marvel movies, and loves to make people laugh.

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